Support Local Artists: Daniel Wesley

Have you ever been to the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver? Or, even better, have you been there for a Daniel Wesley concert? Wicked venue, wicked artist. And together they put on an incredible show! Here’s a sweet vid for a song called “You and Me”:

To listen to more of Daniel Wesley’s tracks and for a list of upcoming performances, go to his website:


Little Hell

The new album by City and Colour, titled Little Hell, is finally here! And it does not disappoint.  The perfectly poignant lyrics of vocalist and songwriter Dallas Green have a way of connecting with a person’s innermost thoughts. His remarkable voice and incredible acoustic guitar skills are both raw and authentic. Reeling you in with his musical talent, Dallas Green, is a unique artist that cannot be replicated. This album maintains the same folk sounds you’re used to with a bit of an edge. Green adds a little electric guitar to a few tracks which I find to be interesting and refreshing.

Little Hell (album cover)

“You have to go through those little hells
to get to the really great parts of love and life.”
– Dallas Green

I have been a fan of City and Colour since Sometimes was released in 2005. Although I’m not sure if any of his subsequent albums will ever be as amazing as Sometimes was for me, this one certainly comes close. For more information on albums or tour dates, visit


Andy Warhol

ANDY WARHOL: Manufactured is an exhibit currently featured at the Art Gallery of Alberta that chronicles the work of the iconic pop artist, painter and filmmaker. The exhibit runs until August 21st. Looking forward to this!

“More than anything people just want stars” – Andy Warhol

For more information on the Art Gallery of Alberta, please go to their website:



Adele is not Canadian. She’s British. But her music has touched many countries, this one included. The quality of her voice is unparalleled. I cannot recall the last time I heard  a song that captured so perfectly the raw emotion of heartbreak. The lyrics are beautifully composed and perfectly poetic. When sung in her raspy, soulful voice she is able to do what many singer-songwriters spend their entire careers trying to achieve; she is able to connect with her audience. Beyond her obvious talent, her look further seperates her from the norm.

Adele is not a cookie-cutter pop star by any means. Perhaps what I enjoy most about her is that she doesn’t conform to society’s expectation of beauty. She dresses elegantly and unlike most female pop icons, remains covered up. (gasp!) Though she is not a size 2 she could not be more beautiful.

She is honest and candid. A true artist. One that is relatable and admirable. The music industry has not seen talent like this since… well I can’t even think of anyone to compare her to. Her music stands on its own. My favourite song of hers at the moment is called “Someone Like You”. Take a listen and you’ll see what I’ve been going on about.