Pop Art

We finally got a chance to check out the much-anticipated Andy Warhol exhibit at the Art Gallery of Alberta. In viewing his works, we discovered a little bit about the man behind the manufactured art. He was an eccentric man with a lust for all things famous: people and products in particular. His art took shape during the 50s and 60s at a time when the general public became fascinated with the glamorous lives of the Hollywood stars and fell prey to enticing ads! Each of Warhol’s pieces, unique in their own right, were manufactured reproductions of our cultural preoccupations. Warhol used silk-screening techniques combined with painting to alter and reproduce the things he found most fascinating in American culture. From his industrial techniques rose a new type of art: pop art.

Here are some of our most memorable pieces and quotes from the exhibit:

“My idea of a good picture is one that’s in focus
and of a famous person.
” – Andy Warhol

“It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated
as a great big ring on Liz Taylor’s finger.
” -Andy Warhol

“I’d asked around 10 or 15 people for suggestions. Finally one lady
friend asked the right question, ‘Well, what do you love most?’

That’s how I started painting money.” – Andy Warhol

“I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood.
They’re beautiful. Everybody’s plastic,
but I love plastic.
I want to be plastic.” – Andy Warhol

“What’s great about this country is that America
started the tradition where the richest consumers buy
essentially the same things as the poorest.
” – Andy Warhol

Experience ANDY WARHOL: Manufactured until August 21st at the Art Gallery of Alberta. It was an interesting exhibit; definitely worth seeing!



I saw Lady Gaga in concert last summer when she was on her Monster Ball tour. What an incredible show! Her voice. Her energy. Her costumes. The set. The dancers. All of it was insanely entertaining. She is the modern day Madonna, pushing the limits in every way imaginable.  A true performer.

Hop on the Gaga train. It’s fun over here.


Little Hell

The new album by City and Colour, titled Little Hell, is finally here! And it does not disappoint.  The perfectly poignant lyrics of vocalist and songwriter Dallas Green have a way of connecting with a person’s innermost thoughts. His remarkable voice and incredible acoustic guitar skills are both raw and authentic. Reeling you in with his musical talent, Dallas Green, is a unique artist that cannot be replicated. This album maintains the same folk sounds you’re used to with a bit of an edge. Green adds a little electric guitar to a few tracks which I find to be interesting and refreshing.

Little Hell (album cover)

“You have to go through those little hells
to get to the really great parts of love and life.”
– Dallas Green

I have been a fan of City and Colour since Sometimes was released in 2005. Although I’m not sure if any of his subsequent albums will ever be as amazing as Sometimes was for me, this one certainly comes close. For more information on albums or tour dates, visit cityandcolour.ca