The Power Of Words

The written word. It can be a powerful thing. Words carelessly strung together can be used to communicate with others. Sure. But choose your words wisely and you can truly get your message across. Who knows, you may even create an impact.

In a world riddled with social media, where we communicate primarily through technology (via facebook, text messages and email) it is more important than ever that we take the time to think about what we want to say. These methods of communication allow us the comfort and convenience to connect when apart; however, the written word cannot fully express tone of voice or facial expression that we get when we’re together. It is a means of communication yes. And one I certainly couldn’t live without. But  if written messages aren’t properly worded they can easily be misconstrued.

Words possess meaning. Power. Beauty. Purpose. Perhaps that is why I love them so much.


Hold Onto Your Hat, Doll

Ladies, start your engines. The Kentucky Derby is coming to town! Well, not actually. But the elegant, large-brimmed hats found at such elite occasions are! As the summer approaches and the sun shines brighter we need to adjust our accessories accordingly.

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Bucket hats, or cloche hats, are another way to do this.These 1920s inspired bonnets are perfect way to add a touch of vintage to any summer outfit!

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And of course, men aren’t the only ones that can rock fedoras.

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Hats can do more than just block the sun. They can add a little flair too!


Hats Off To You, Sir

Newsboy caps have to be THE MOST attractive and stylish hat a guy can wear! Throw on one of these neutral colored “grandpa hats” with a hoodie/suit jacket combo and you’re gold! Newsboy caps have a way of adding a little more style to the overplayed, predictable t-shirt and jeans look that most guys tend to sport.  Of course, they can always be dressed up with a nice leather jacket or scarf. (Bold, confident men need only apply).

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Fedoras can also have this style-enhancing effect. Again giving the casual guy a little more class.

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Perhaps what I enjoy most about these hats is not their tendency to give even the most fashionably clueless guys a chance in this trendy, hipster world but the way they remind me of simpler times. Times when chivalry prevailed. A time of scotch-drinking, pipe smoking, ruggedly handsome men.Those type of men… never  go out of style.


Vintage Florals

Floral is the best vintage throwback that has happened to fashion in a long time! It allows us to revel in our most feminine side with patterns that are reminiscent of our grandmother’s youth. Sure, it may make you feel like a 1950s housewife but I kind of like it. An even better twist on faded floral? Pair it with a dark leather jacket or blazer to create a mysterious and intriguing allure.

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Contrastingly, dark florals provide a bold statement. One that is both girly and edgy. Definitely something I can get on board with.

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If you aren’t into donning blossom-covered fabrics, try something simpler… accessorize! Bangles and studs are two of the easiest ways to add a little flair to any neutral outfit.

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Vintage is fabulous! And there is nothing wrong with feeling a little girly.


Spring Ahead

Spring. Once again a time for change. A time for new beginnings. When the snow melts, the flowers bloom and the trees become a lush green once again! But the best part about spring… fashion! Here’s a look at some of the best and worst trends this spring season.

My favourite trend for this spring season is COLOUR! It seems the brightest and boldest colours have made a comeback. Orange blazers add a little bit of flair to a neutral dress or a jeans and tee combo.


My least favourite spring trend: polka-dot pants! Whoever said that over-sized clown-inspired legwear was trendy must have been part of the circus! There is nothing classy or trendy about looking like you belong at a five year old’s birthday party.


I’m on the fence about the following… patterned leggings. Leggings have been in for awhile now. My advice? Go with lacy or floral patterns. Animal print is okay too as long as it’s done tastefully. Avoid paisley, tie-dye or other really busy/tacky ones. Patterned leggings should always be paired with neutral-toned oversized tees or mini dresses. And remember, leggings are NOT pants (so cover up those cheeks)!


Spring fashion. So fresh and exciting! I can’t wait to go shopping!



Adele is not Canadian. She’s British. But her music has touched many countries, this one included. The quality of her voice is unparalleled. I cannot recall the last time I heard  a song that captured so perfectly the raw emotion of heartbreak. The lyrics are beautifully composed and perfectly poetic. When sung in her raspy, soulful voice she is able to do what many singer-songwriters spend their entire careers trying to achieve; she is able to connect with her audience. Beyond her obvious talent, her look further seperates her from the norm.

Adele is not a cookie-cutter pop star by any means. Perhaps what I enjoy most about her is that she doesn’t conform to society’s expectation of beauty. She dresses elegantly and unlike most female pop icons, remains covered up. (gasp!) Though she is not a size 2 she could not be more beautiful.

She is honest and candid. A true artist. One that is relatable and admirable. The music industry has not seen talent like this since… well I can’t even think of anyone to compare her to. Her music stands on its own. My favourite song of hers at the moment is called “Someone Like You”. Take a listen and you’ll see what I’ve been going on about.


Hello Readers

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